James Pittman

Displaying the art and wonder found in the photographs of James Pittman. Break with the norm and behold the potential of the classic light-tight-box as James discovers and on occasion distorts the world through his. 

Bold vision and brash disregard for convention are the hallmark of James' work.

Take a look. 

My Style

Inevitably I am asked what I like to photograph. Most people think this is a simple question with answers like Landscapes, Cities, Flowers, Birds, People.

I don't have a preferred genre. If I did it would be "What inspires me"

If people are involved, I vastly prefer to do conceptual or experimental work. I enjoy coming up with new techniques or applying old techniques to digital work.

If my feet are itching, I travel and explore new places through my lens. Whenever I travel I challenge myself to take the most over-shot location and present it in a new way.

If I'm stuck inside, I delve into the realms of macro and still life and look for those little bits of magic overlooked in the everyday ordinary.

I suppose the answer to what I like to photograph is "something new"


Best in Show, SCPL 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, 2015